If you want to get that sale, you need to be the first to respond, with relevant information. After all, the first to respond gets the deal up to 50% of the time.

That’s not an easy task when your prospects don’t necessarily want to talk to you, in a world where they are bombarded with noise from a diversity of competitors.

Conversational text messaging gives your sales team a proven method of increasing both their number of conversations and the relevance of those conversations.

The result? You’ll convert 40% more sales when your sales teams use messaging. That’s just one of the benefits.

  • You’ll be the first to reply to your prospects.
  • You’ll immediately know exactly what’s important to them, then reply with relevant insights that build a strong relationship.
  • Your entire team will be able to effectively understand and serve your prospects, thanks to a complete 360º conversational history.
  • Even better, you’ll never miss a hot prospect again.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to use conversational messaging to grow your revenues, faster than ever.

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