How to Use Text Messaging to Engage Customers

Use Case Industry: General Business

Conversational text messaging is the personal way to engage your customers. Since over 85% of customers would prefer texting versus email or phone calls, you’ll be communicating with them in the way they prefer. Even better, texting is such a natural way to converse; you’ll get 6x the responses you’d get with email.

With SMS text messaging you can begin and continue more conversations as you build customer engagement and loyalty while you deepen your profiles of your individual customer’s preferences.

A Retailer Drives Repeat Business with Conversational Text Messaging

Fashion Era’s month-over-month revenue growth had stalled during the last two quarters and the retailer knew if they could drive more repeat business, they could get their numbers back on track. Email offers weren’t producing the response they needed so the marketing team decided to try conversational text messaging to increase customer engagement.

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