Create Customer Loyalty with Conversational Text Messaging

Use Case Industry: General Business

Increasing customer loyalty by 5% with conversational text messaging can increase your business’ profitability by 25% or more. Return customers tend to buy more from you over time, around 10X the value of their initial purchase. They also become lower cost to serve over time. Even better? Loyal customers refer your business to other customers.

How do you create customer loyalty in the digital age, where internet shopping and price comparisons happen in an instant? Without discounting to the lowest possible price, that is.

One answer is to deliver loyalty programs through conversational text messaging.

By adding conversational text messaging to your marketing channels, you can begin and continue conversations that compel your customers to keep coming back and buying more.

How does a loyalty program work? It’s simple. Customers sign up for your program and then are given discounts and special promotions to come back and buy more. The longer your conversation continues, the more you learn about your customers (thanks to well placed messaging surveys) and the deeper your loyalty can grow.

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